Gluten Free Medieval Times - Dinner Theater

The 11th century was never so popular. A hot destination travel site, especially for boys but for all ages and genders, the Medieval Times castle chain is a fusion of dinner, tournament, joust, and an arena restaurant that bundles the best of the Middle Ages into a two-hour feast. People with celiac disease or any other form of gluten sensitivity often experience struggles with food in entertainment settings, but fortunately a gluten free Medieval Times experience is possible. Most of the restaurants offer big events and are known as Function Venues in Central Coast.

Gluten Free Medieval Times for Those With Celiac Disease

This chain of nine dinner theaters has been operating in the United States and Canada for more than twenty years and has locations in areas that are either densely populated or that draw large numbers of tourists. Each arena restaurant holds hundreds of diners, and a full knight’s tournament, complete with live horses, is performed on the floor of the dinner theater as each course is delivered slowly throughout the performance.

The current locations are:

  • Lundhurst, New Jersey
  • Buena Vista, California
  • Hanover, Maryland
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Kissimmee, Florida
  • Schaumburg, Illinois

The story line is the same at each location (although the winner of the tournament changes with each performance!) and the menu remains stable. Children love the novelty of eating without utensils; yes, diners must eat with their hands, even those folks with celiac disease aiming for a gluten free Medieval Times experience.

Medieval Times Tournament and Joust for Gluten Free Travel

Gluten free travel can be difficult, given the lack of knowledge by many restaurant and inn owners about the nature of gluten in food, how to avoid cooking with it, and how to avoid cross contamination.

The standard menu at this 11th century dinner theater lends itself to minor GF adjustments. The gluten free Medieval Times menu is:

  • Beverage (water, Pepsi, unsweetened iced tea)
  • Roasted chicken made with olive oil and salt
  • Roasted potato, plain
  • Roasted ribs, made with olive oil and salt
  • GF dessert, either fresh fruit or Italian ice

Dinner Theater at the Arena Restaurant Brings the 11th Century Alive

When ordering tickets, patrons who want a gluten free Medieval Times ticket must request a GF option; call 1-866-543-9637 to order tickets. A GF option is not offered when ordering online. When scheduling reservations for the dinner theater be sure to know the location and the time slot in advance. Tell the operator how many people need a gluten free Medieval Times dinner.

At check-in at the restaurant, again tell the will-call booth (where patrons pick up tickets ordered by phone or internet) the number of people in the party that is GF. Finally, tell the ticket processor and the waitress that members of the party are GF as well, to insure proper food precautions.

With a little advance preparation any family dealing with celiac disease or GF issues can have a safe, gluten-free travel experience at any Medieval Times.

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source: Restaurants Gold Coast

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