Letter blocks surrounded with gluten free products including wild rice and oats

Also known as Celiac disease, gluten intolerance is a condition with strong genetic markers. The severe form affects approximately one in 130 people. The incidence is higher for persons afflicted with auto-immune conditions such as arthritis, chron’s disease, insulin-dependent diabetes, and muscular dystrophy. Untreated Celiac disease damages the intestines and may lead to problems such as malabsorption of nutrients, anemia, fatigue, mental illness, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer. It may take years to do its damage and some victims have no symptoms until their health fails catastrophically. The only treatment for Celiac disease is strict avoidance of dietary gluten.Continue reading


Detoxification might be alluded to as discharge of the dangerous substances from the interior frameworks of the body through defecation, pee and sweat. Juices of foods grown from the ground will to a great extent help in disposing of the undesirable waste materials that got gathered in the body over a drawn out stretch of time. Continue reading